Past Events – 1995

Skip's Birthday & U2 Night - CW Saloon, January 19, 1995
Shindog's Birthday & 2Tone Night - CW Saloon, January 26, 1995
John Hughes Night - French Quarter aka Underground, February 25, 1995
1979 Time Machine - 278 11th aka Oasis, March 10, 1995
Vintage Goth - Trocadero, March 25, 1995
Salute to 1980 - Trocadero, April 8, 1995
Synth Pop - 278 11th aka Oasis, April 29, 1995
Salute to 1981 - 278 11th aka Oasis, May 6, 1995
Pride of the 80s Benefit for Project Open Hand - 278 11th aka Oasis, June 17, 1995
B-52's Big Hair Party - - 278 11th aka Oasis, June 24, 1995
Just Can't Get Enough - Big Heart City, July 28, 1995
Depeche Mode Salute - Big Heart City, August 4, 1995
3 Year Anniversary Party & Smiths Salute - Trocadero, September 2, 1995
Tribute to Bowie - Big Heart City, September 29, 1995
Blondie Night - Club Arte aka On Broadway, November 10, 1995
Psychedelic Furs Holiday Party - Cat's Grill, December 9, 1995
"Goodbye to 1985" - CW Saloon, December 31, 1995


"Goodbye to 1985" - CW Saloon, December 31, 1995

New Wave City recently held our first ever "New Wave Eve," held on December 31st at the CW Saloon on Folsom in SF. Instead of all the other celebrations on their last night of 1995, we said goodbye to nineteen-EIGHTY five, featuring music from that year and earlier. Many hundreds crowded into the club where a black banner with 1-9-8-5 graced the stage.

New Wave City Theatre commemorated a key movement from that time.. 1985 was the last year that lp's (remember records) were the predominant music format; with the next year, CD's took over and vinyl was largely phased out. To signify the change "LP-man" took the stage (our very own Shindog in a white jumpsuit covered in records), only to find that "CD-man" (none other than Ira V. in a similar outfit, except covered with the smaller silver discs) was ready to take over. CD-man ceremoniously took the "5" off the stage banner to reveal "6" underneath, officially welcoming 1986.

It was everything you could ask for in a New Year's Eve party: hats, noise-makers, a midnight countdown and balloon drop. Many lucky folks found a note in their balloon which was good for t-shirts and movie preview tickets for "12 Monkeys." Another special attraction was the all-night "New Wave Karaoke" in the lounge in the back of the club, where the brave discovered who really was "Hungry Like the Wolf."

12-31-95 Flyer



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