Past Events – 1992 to 1993

The I-Beam Reunion Party - August 25, 1992
New Wave City - El Rio, January 23 & 30, 1993
"Eighties" - The Quake, March 20, 1993
"The Black and Black Ball" - The Quake, May 14, 1993
Pogo Into Summer - The Quake, June 5, 1993
Living In Oblivion - The Quake, July 3, 1993
Debut at South Beach Billiards, August 7, 1993
Button night - South Beach Billiards, August 14, 1993
Faster Louder - South Beach Billiards, August 21, 1993
1 Year Anniversary Party - South Beach Billiards, August 28, 1993
Blondie Night - South Beach Billiards, September 4, 1993
Ska Night - South Beach Billiards, September 11, 1993
B-52's Dance This Mess Around Night - South Beach Billiards, September 18, 1993
80's Au Go Go - Blondie Night - South Beach Billiards, October 23, 1993
Elvis Costello contest - Southside aka Cat's Grill, November 19, 1993
Precious Punky Holiday Party - Southside aka Cat's Grill, December 17, 1993

The I-Beam Reunion Party - August 25, 1992

Prior to finding the name New Wave City, Skip and Shindog produced their first event at the club that was one of the premiere San Francisco dance venues for New Wave in the early 80's, the I-Beam on Haight Street. Totally designed to relive the old I-Beam experience, it was even booked for a Tuesday night, which was the first night of the week that the club initially started presenting rock-oriented dance nights rather than their more discofied format.

Unbelievably (for a TUESDAY night!), it was a huge success with hundreds coming for that 80's experience. As hoped it attracted fans in their thirties who were there ten years ago, and younger fans who enjoyed and appreciated the music. Featured as guest DJ was Brian Raffi, who was among the most popular New Wave DJ's in the early 80's at the I-Beam and many other clubs and dance parties. A midnight, an 80's fashion show was put on by co-conspirator Samantha Hartley, with vintage clothing from the racks of Buffalo Exchange up the street.

So many old friends returned to the scene of the crime that night, that it provided the inspiration for MORE MORE MORE!

New Wave City - El Rio, January 23 & 30, 1993

Regrouped and recharged, Skip and Shindog settled on the name New Wave City for their series of 80's dance nights, and presented the first events with two consecutive weeks at El Rio in the Mission. The unique side-by-side club/bar set-up there illustrated a common characteristic to events ever since then: everyone goes to dance! The dance side of the place was always the focus, with dancers occasionally going for a break to the other side. Quite a few New Wave City regulars found us first at these events, and have been coming ever since. Our first giveaways happened then; each week, one grand prize was awarded of the just-released boxed set of the Best of Stiff Records, from Rhino Records.

"Eighties" - The Quake, March 20, 1993

We toyed with a special name for this event, calling it Eighties, presented by New Wave City Productions. We returned to the scene of our first event; new ownership had renamed the I-Beam as The Quake. Brian Raffi joined us officially with this one, and continued to work with us for many future events. Once again: the dance floor, the people, the music... sounds of the Clash and the Human League again under that roof, the ecstatic faces, the whirling, leather-clad limbs... you could just cry!

"The Black and Black Ball" - The Quake, May 14, 1993

This spring night in '93, while many of San Francisco's society members and others similarly well-heeled attended the Symphony benefit Black and White Ball, New Wave City delved into the more alternative side with the Black and Black Ball. Customers were encouraged to wear black, the chosen hue of the Ramones, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie, the Clash, Bauhaus, etc. Prizes were awarded for best black new wave outfit. No string quartets, Tower of Power horns, Huey Lewis or Boz Scaggs... just another awesome New Wave night!



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